Friday, November 6, 2009

Fall (Winter) At The Farm

October 20, 2009: Hello, David Rauch blogging here, farm-sitter for the farm while Laurie is away.

So, we've still got summer's last tomatoes cluttering our tables, summer's last corn drying in the chicken coop, and just the beginning of fall's pumpkin seeds roasting up at our friend's house up the hill.

The farm is still very alive. Though, truly, the season has reduced the field to withered crops and given our rooster, Spot, steamy breath when he crows, the soil is still alive.

Laurie and I are already in the works to put a cover crop over the field to guard it from the long winter and prepare it for the coming spring, whatever it may bring. The acre isn't sitting idle, no, we're giving it alot of thought, using a lot of imagination, wrapping up a mile of irrigation, and we at the farm are excited to see what the winter brings.

Thanks for everyone checking out the post. Again, the weather may be inhospitable, but Locavore Farms is still active. Check back for more winter updates,

Warmly, from your farm winter-watcher,


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